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Ch 3 & 4 - 2/4 Federalists(wealthier capitalist...

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2/4 Federalists : (wealthier, capitalist interest) Seeking to do away with Articles of Confederation completely and replace with new Constitution. There were two basic templates floating around that caused a divergence even among those seeking a new Constitution. They all agreed on what gov. should do. They agreed on how much power should be exercised – enough to protect their interests. They disagreed on who should exercise the power. This division was geographic, based on difference in what small states and big states saw as their interests. The small states were concerned of the balance of power b/w big and small states. Anti-Federalists : (smaller interest group, laborers) Liked Articles cos it provided for weak gov. power The Virginia Plan Motto of Republicanism (a collection of other sovereign entities into one political group). They leaned away from direct democracy. Large interest groups feared that small interest groups would outnumber them in voting. They proposed lifetime judiciary, that the Pres. Be voted by just congress, the power that congress can veto state law. Not only did the VA Plan seek to state large/small state issue, but also tempted to build this firewall to go against democracy. The more people you had in a state, the more seats in Congress you had. The New Jersey Plan Small states’ opposing plan: We each declared our independence from Britain and we are all equal. Seats in Congress should be divided equally between states. The Great Compromise Took elements of both plans and brought them together. Also addressed democratic issues. Settled disputes of b/w large and small states, and large and small interest groups: House – VA Plan – Membership determined by pop. People’s house - directly elected by people Not able to veto state law 2 year term Senate – NJ Plan – Equal rep. Each state gets 2 senators Elected by individual state representations 6 year term The 3/5ths Compromise Convention called to structure gov. that would protect freedom, equality, justice, etc. (Ironic that slavery not an issue, in another 30 years we will ban the international slave trade, but w/ respect to individual rights failed to address the more glaring inequality). Slaves were addressed, but not for their rights. VA Plan allocated seats based on population. Southern states had 90% of slaves in America. - Southern states: wanted to count them, more pop. more rep. more seats - Non-slave holding states: saw that it would dilute their own power. They argued that slaves were not citizens. Resolution : Every five black people would count for three people for proportioning seats in the House. 2/8 The Necessary And Proper Clause Anti-Federalists thought some things in the Constitution were vague and threatening. Small and large interest groups both shared conceptions; same was true for Federalists and Anti-Federalist. The founders all agreed on setting up a new gov. with protection of individual rights and liberalism (thought of in Britain).
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When F and AF went about building basic format for gov. they intended foremost to protect individual
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