Ch 5, 11 - 2/25 To have government, people need to give up...

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2/25 To have government, people need to give up just a little bit of their inalienable rights. Economic power, political power. Come to the US Framers’ idea : As new territories were populated and settlements grew and territorial governments were formed, they would have the option of seeking admission as a state to the United States. They would have the same rights and abilities and totally equal to the 13 states. This was a different concept of managing territories outside of national boundary. We would give new states formed the right to be apart of the States. This fueled the westward expansion. People felt protected. Geographical Issue - Slavery It was a brilliant idea. It went to 13 states to 33 states. There was a fundamental problem though. It was geographical. North – no slavery South – slavery Illinois was the 19 th state, then Alabama was the 20 th . Each time new territories were members of equal, they get an equal share of senators too and population share of house members. They kept balancing the powers because each time one more added on, there was an argument of whether it would be a free state or slave state. It was a threat to the opposite party. Anti-slavery or for slavery. This expansion of states caused a continuing issue with regard to representation in Congress. American Slavery Unique in world history, for 3 reasons 1. Capitalism – driving force, tobacco/cotton plantations, tobacco crisis set off expansion of slavery, large operations were the only ones who could do this 2. Individualism – whites believed they deserved their rights for getting away and fighting England, while black people hadn’t been through the struggle, inalienable rights equalizes society – all men are equal (Englishmen) 3. Racism – all slaves Africans, even if you won freedom you were still black, so all Africans were slaves, black became synonymous with slavery, characteristic that could never be taken away, (Romans enslaved all they conquered, Americans racist) Constitution It did not address the fundamentals of slavery. Even the 3/5 ths compromise says “other persons” and doesn’t address their rights. In Constitution, Relative to Slavery: 1. Ban on importing slaves from Africa Constitution said could not do this until 1808, which they did 2. Spread of slavery- new states free or slave Fugitive Slave Clause : Fugitives had to be returned If you are a slave in GA, and you go to Mass. You are not free, that state has a duty to return you to be a slave in GA. 3. Freedom Didn’t come up w/ regard to Constitution There was a measure of concern though, framers wrote about it but felt if they ignored it, it would go away 1833 Parl. Banned slavery in all of England and its colonies, but too late for America Reason for Slaves: Technological Innovations
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1. Invention of Cotton Gin- Prior to the cotton gin, you had to pick the seeds out by hand. After the gin, they had a huge demand for growing cotton. 2.
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Ch 5, 11 - 2/25 To have government, people need to give up...

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