TEST TWO ESSAY QUESTIONS - 1 Explain the policy of...

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1. Explain the policy of Laissez-faire.  Include a discussion of what interest groups and political parties  supported / opposed such a policy and why.  Contrast this policy with the New Deal pursued by Franklin  Roosevelt and the Democrats when the Democrats took power in 1932, and explain how that policy  empowered the Executive Branch.   Include in your discussion the fundamental change embodied in the  Supreme Court’s decision in NLRB vs. Jones and Laughlin Steel. Laissez-faire: “hands off” government, minimum taxation/regulation, protection of private property Interest groups: support: - large interest wanted this - free market allocates resources and prices things appropriately for max. economic development - wanted state to remain neutral; ( except some capitalists wanted gov to meet demands for business) - large capital interest: have always wanted strong federal gov so long as regulatory part belonged to states - still wanted gov to facilitate commerce oppose: - small interest; labor unions, etc. - Laissez-faire calls for supply/demand for labor (so long as all workers compete w each other, which balances capitalists and everything) - Laborers demanded more money for benefits etc, - Small interests and their organizations such as women’s rights, the grange, populists, progressives: all wanted gov to interfere with what they were fighting against for various reasons (from, respectively: vote, opposition to monopoly practice of railroads, tax and other gov involvement to help the poor, and have workers rights) - Each was an attempt to realign small interests to vote based on ECONOMICS: so that gov would protect them Political parties: support: - Democrats (south): wanted to continue being racist, have separate but equal, it technically isn’t against the law and since the state is in charge it can not change anything for blacks, but state needs to remain in power oppose: - blacks & republicans (north) opposed: Plessy v. Ferguson says sep but equal but everyone knows that would never work (not to mention it was based on Laissez faire and gov being weak- they couldn’t regulate business in a state) Contrast w/: New Deal:
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TEST TWO ESSAY QUESTIONS - 1 Explain the policy of...

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