ch 7 9 10 - 4/2 FDR THE NEW DEAL FDR elected 4 times...

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4/2 FDR- elected 4 times, longest server of presidency Led America through Great Depression, WW2 Interest group politics- policy adopted, define an interest group, determine their needs, set agency up to supervise it New Deal: small interests were in charge, took it their away- wanted gov to actively intervene in capitalist large interests to protect small interests - Gov policy: help some groups, limit the power of others - Exec branch agencies: weak needed protection from strong - This changed government, and people (what they expected/demanded) *Fundamental after the New Deal: Now, small interests in charge again and wanted to use centralized government power unlike before, now people look to gov. to help them Was trying to use policies like those in the New Deal (intervention in economy) Hitler: had an expansionist dream and took over, intended to use what he created, the most powerful army in the world, unified German-speaking people - had treaties with Soviet Union, but Russia was communist, Poland, war stuff, etc. War fought in E. Europe - 13.7% of Russians killed, 10.7 million of those were military casualties, 11.4 million were civilians (all greater than German loss) - Americans lost 0.32% of the American pop. Soviet Union was the proponent of a world revolution of communism and the destruction of capitalism. They had taken over many countries. Communism vs. Capitalism was a continuing world struggle, and arguments over who would dominate the other and control. BLACKS AFTER THE WAR Both whites and blacks fought in the war. Blacks were fighting for freedom that they didn’t even have in their country. (Macio) Snipes: black soldier comes back thinking he had earned his freedom, thought they weren’t back to come home to Jim Crow, but there were 2 honor roll war soldiers- whites and blacks. Snipes: July 1946: Democratic primary was held in Taylor County, GA. He was the first to cast his vote in the primary. That night, he was killed in his home. Democratic Convention: 2 years later, Pres. Truman desegregated armed forces in 1948. It was also an election year. Truman succeeded FDR in his 4 th term taking over, and this was his first election of his own. He wanted people like Snipes to be honored just like whites. They were still living by Plessy v. F though. Hughbert H. Humphrey- VP for LBJ. In ’48 he was a senator though. He denounced the policy of segregation. He condemned it and explained why in a court house, and all the Southerners walked out to protest it. This walkout was led by Strom Thurman (longest serving Senator ever). He was a democrat (South) and a racist bastard. SPLITTING UP THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY
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Strom Thurman- ran for pres in ’48 as a Dixie Crat, wanted black people to know their place, he carried 4 states, Truman scraped out a victory, but this still showed there was a constituency not based on economics (White Southerners) – they would be the target in every election after that, but once the poor majority took
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ch 7 9 10 - 4/2 FDR THE NEW DEAL FDR elected 4 times...

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