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Final: Questions will be overall themes in a broader view from the whole semester. Study the essay questions from all the tests. All the material is encompassed by these essays. Large picture: Government possesses power. 1) How this power is divided 2) How one gets into the position of exercising this power 1800, 1860, 1932 Change points in American History “Political realignment dates” First era: drafting of Constitution, concept of tyranny 4/30 Reconstruction – North tired out with the extension of Federal Power (cost of keeping army down there, continued
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Unformatted text preview: conflict, N withdrew troops and ultimately refused the use of Federal Power to protect the rights of the newly free individuals) 1) 14 th amendment 2) Commerce clause Each provision refers to either economics or individual rights. The commerce clause addresses business – the commerce of the US. The 14 th A is to express rights of individuals. Through history, both of these provisions have been used for both economics and individual rights. It depends on who is in charge. 1. Steamboat case – original federal court (for large interest)...
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