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Ehrlich - Ehrlich 12/3 Human nature itself is misleading We...

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Ehrlich 12/3 Human nature itself is misleading. We should talk about Human natures. There are not enough genes for every single thing. What is a gene? It is a theoretical entity, the unit of inheritance. More than physical, genome transition of inheritance. We are also products of cultural evolution. This can take place any time we have variability, heritability, transmission through generations, and selective pressures (inside or outside). These characteristics are present in history and culture itself. Biological evolution takes a long time. Human genetic nature has this in common: the genome can modify very gradually over thousands of generations. Culture is the acceleration of history; it changes at an ever increasing rate even in just one generation. Culture makes some things better and some things essential (i.e. e-mail). There is no way to reduce this to genetics; it has an independent life or arena of operations. Our physical genes cannot change this rapidly. Culture evolves more rapidly than human physiology.
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