Midterm 2 Rev II - 08/11/2007 20:49:00 (1) Humes view of...

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08/11/2007 21:49:00 (1) Hume’s view of personal identity/the self & arguments: For Hume there is no self/personal identity, since the perceptions one has are only active when we are conscious. Using sleep as an example, he argues that our perceptions are absent, and can truly be said not to exist. Our concept depends entirely on the external world. Empiricism—all of our knowledge is based on past experiences Our ideas and impressions are not divisible, because we have no past experience supporting the divisibility of the two. We only know the self through our thoughts and past experiences, mental over physical Bundle theory— o We are a bundle of our perceptions and memories and can only look as far back as we can remember o Two people can never be the same person, and can never have the same “bundles” We only form an idea of the self because we are constantly interrupted and changing which causes us to form a concept of ourselves. (2) Hume’s view of Identity— There is no such thing as identity. We cannot examine identity if we believe it to exist. An individual is a product of their thoughts and past experiences only a self that is related through cause and effect Two main theories— o Continuity is provided by the physical form o Continuity is provided by psychological phenomena and memory The object cannot exist separate from its properties, instead they are collected together. (3) Three relations between ideas— Resemblance— o The memory is a faculty that raises up the images of past perceptions o The memory not only discovers the identity, but also contributes to its production by producing the relations of resemblance among the perceptions
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Midterm 2 Rev II - 08/11/2007 20:49:00 (1) Humes view of...

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