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9/26 Stoicism Stoics - Nature does not operate with time for an end - It operates for necessity, things are determined, fated to be the way it is - Human life unfolds generally, with few exceptions - Aristotle defines notion of force, humans are self determined - Deterministic, fatalistic- most things in life are not up to us Bodies, fortune, health/ disease Only thing that is up to us is our attitude about our fate (which is set) We must accept that Do have freedom (ability) to adopt an attitude toward fate Do not have control over honors bestowed on us - Laws of life govern human society, do not come from it (natural law theory) Attitudes - Difficult to control, but we have a lot of control over it Epicetus’ Objections - Very depressing view of the world The stoic is not interested in whether this makes you happy Just the way it is One should not desire to benefit others, but if the thought comes to mind, he should just set the stoic example. Awareness
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