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Wilson 11/26 On Evolutionary Theory - Added Genetics to Darwin’s original theory - Science always progresses, in zigzagging manner with predictions - Makes possible gathering together of facts and evidence would be impossible without theory itself - Hallmark of scientific investigation is reduction, reduce complex systems Sociobiology - Societies are wholes, whole is merely sum of its parts, not greater than some of parts - Wholism can be very scientific Reduction - Not really sufficient of understanding society - Societies are wholes
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Unformatted text preview: -Sociology- reduced to Biology- reduced to Genetics-Reductive explanation gets you to set of laws that is sufficient to predict determined complicated phenomena We are not alone-Our little relatives, chimpanzees (originating from same place, we do not come from them)-We can study them and learn much about ourselves There is no purpose-To human species-There is no preestablished purpose or essence or plan in the mind of god-It’s up to us to define our essence (Sartre says, Wilson agrees)...
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