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4/22/08 Demographic Winter Documentary The decline of the human family FEWER CHILDREN - Fewer children are born, proportionately more elderly (aging population) - Reason: not bcs human beings breeding like rabbits, but they find themselves dying like flies (health explosion) - This will result in population decline - Economic prosperity - Every developed country needs immigration (migration from poor countries) - Industrialized nations can’t have major work force bcs there is no labor, they are overseas, and if they need those men those children grow up without a father - Why does the US have enough children to basically replace itself? Somewhat because of Hispanic immigrants - 60% of US population growth since 1990 has come through immigrants and their children (mostly Hispanics) WHY - Women working – more successful women are in work force before kids, harder to leave work force - Fertility decline – fewer children and invest more in each child (desired family size comes with prosperity)
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