Family - Lecture on Family Marriage Divorce etc 4/15 What...

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Lecture on Family, Marriage, Divorce, etc. 4/15 What is a family? People who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption? Nuclear v. extended? Family of orientation v. family of procreation? Marriage: a group’s approved mating arrangements? Functions of Families Although the form may vary, the family is universal, and fulfills certain key functions: 1. Economic production 2. Socialization of children 3. Care of the sick and aged 4. Recreation 5. Sexual control 6. Reproduction this is just among people who have married. In 2002, 28 percent of Americans between 30-34 were never married, and 18 percent of those between 35- 39. Marriage rate is approximately twice that of the divorce rate. Does not mean that half of all marriages end in divorce… Divorce rate is 2 percent, or 20 per 1000 married women per year. Approximately 11 percent of American adults are currently divorced. 27 percent have ever been divorced (and an additional 16 percent have never been married) 4/24 Before the Industrial Revolution: Men wanted children not bcs they loved kids but bcs they needed loyal and obedient workers. He needed a sexually complementary partner to produce them and the other goods that women provided. He had to make a legally binding contract with the woman in order to assure her and her family that she would not be discarded or replaced once she bore children. Repressive as they were, the old sexual norms motivated men to marry… bcs men’s and women’s survival depended on creating and maintaining family. In the past 100 years, many of these motivations for marriage have vanished. Modern Fatherhood -the ratio to father to mother has gotten higher, men are spending more time -however increases in divorce and nonmarital childbearing mean that children are not, on average, spending more time with their fathers -despite the ratio slide, on average- they are not because of this increase -more divorce so that’s only a small portion of the pop. Marriage is linked to stratification in our society:
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Family - Lecture on Family Marriage Divorce etc 4/15 What...

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