Sex - Lectures on Sex Human Relationships 4/1 Sexual...

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4/1 Sexual decision-making Attitudes, motivations, intentions, opportunities action Just how cognitive is sexual decision-making? Practice consciousness: “tacit stocks of knowledge” a person draws upon when acting Discursive consciousness: the self-knowledge a person is able to give words to Norms and Sexual Scripts There is no inherent evolution to sexual norms. But the norms that do exist need to be sustained by plausibility structures in order to persist There are no set end that we are moving towards Strange new world? Language - change in language, just pre-marital sex Timing Relationship-less? The maturity gap - getting larger, reproductive age (age 12-13, the age is shrinking) Why? Hormones, stronger lives, bodies, kinds of nutrition Maturity gap: age between The lifeboat - competition from early ages How do we not treat it as competition, like other things in life? What do people want in relationships? What are people really looking for? Male and Female Differences- On average… Women tend to emphasize committed relationships as context for sex Women are more likely to romanticize the experience of desire Women’s sexual beliefs and behaviors tend to be more plastic than men’s Gender diffs in this area- larger than in most other areas of psychological study Plasticity of female sexuality- Female sexuality appears to be more “open” to direction and alteration, even later in the developmental process, than is male sexuality. No such linear pattern exists among men 2.3% percent of all men and 1.3% of all women ages 18-44 in the NSFG self-identity as homosexual Learning sexuality- Most teens know relatively little abt sex and pregnancy risk Parents more likely to shape attitudes and beliefs than knowledge The nature of conversations and the risk of not having them Reasons parents offer for not talking: Wouldn’t do any good They wouldn’t know the answers to kid’s questions
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Would raise parent/child trust concerns Kids are too busy to talk They might think parents approve of them having sex They’ll find such information elsewhere Anticipated-difficulties in explaining how things work The Nearly Irrelevant Sex Education Debate Sexual education occurs differently (how it actually is occurring)
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Sex - Lectures on Sex Human Relationships 4/1 Sexual...

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