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Sociology Final – 4 key concepts 1. Narratives, the big stories that animate our lives 2. Scripts, the action plans derived from narratives 3. Socialization (and plausibility structures) 4. Institutionalization (the process by which 1-3 become real) Reinforced Materials – “The Banality of Evil” Banal: commonplace, lacking originality or novelty Failure to resist lawful authority… “only following orders.” Ex – Nazis, Enron Sexual Norms There is enduring interest in figuring out norms and scripts – as if they somehow “give us permission” – We want to know what we are supposed to do, but there are no real rules out there, we just find what other people are doing The Sexual Economy and You Individual traits that matter for sex economy: age Permanent fixture, double standard
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Unformatted text preview: Losers in Sexual Economy: Conservative women READ SEXUAL ECONOMICS!!! (all readings fair game) Also, to respond to the question earlier about how to define moral orders, here's what I have in my notes:--moral: an orientation toward what is right and wrong, good and bad, worthy and unworthy, just and unjust, that isn’t established by our decisions or preferences but exists apart from them, providing standards by which our decisions and preferences can be judged; we don’t decide what they are, but we do enact them and recognize them--order: prevailing course or arrangement of things; established system So basically, take the definition of morality, combine it with the definition of order in a way that makes sense, and be able to give examples....
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