Of Plymouth Plantation

Of Plymouth Plantation - of Plymouth Plantation 1620...

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1/22, 1/26, 1/28 “of Plymouth Plantation” 1620; William Bradford Imagery o Pots, pans- came with a new way of life o fool hearty (brave)- Puritans, stubborn, hypocritical o Cape Cod- they found things to ship back to UK to make $ (literally NEW England) o Gods eyes upon us- so war is ok o Transcend- associated with a new society o “by notion”- literally distancing themselves, as worship as they saw fit (no one else) from home country o unimaginative folk- blind faith, new Israelites, children of God o God: warrior, business ethics, sense of destiny to become the society we live in o that’s a luxury- they came here a long long time ago Claudia- narrator old world, new world split- old world is western europe Sense of destiny : what is going to be the greatness or not of this country, people had this sense o Beginning of capitalism, their intentions were not pure o Call themselves Pilgrims, not Puritans (comes later); Puritans core word: Pure Feared God in a huge way, this affected how the country started out Neo-Puritanism : America is a prescriptive (regulatory) society, we think we know what’s best for people, this goes back to Puritans who felt they were “the new Israelites” except Protestant Religious background: o 1/3 of colony was dead, even still did not question God, example of “ blind faith o Believed in holy institution of marriage, minimal sexuality o Felt they should feel an infinite amount of unworthiness in God’s eyes, “ Original Sin ” (not the original sin); foundation of Puritan philosophy; must do good works all their lives 1 st British colony: (when it was just an island, Shakespeare called it Emerald Island, not politically powerful place yet)
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o Cpt John Smith 1507 founded John Calvin 1509-1564 o Made of Geneva what he and followers felt was a holy city, old world totally Roman Catholic the whole way o Developed theme “ Predestination ” (God chooses his own elect to go to heaven) o God does not forgive, forgiveness is for the Catholics, God just grants grace at the ends of peoples’ lives, and he will grant grace to Puritans (no requirements apply after granted grace, you get to go to heaven for all mortality)
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Of Plymouth Plantation - of Plymouth Plantation 1620...

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