History notes - 1. The New World, 14921607 I. First...

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1. The New World, 1492–1607 I. First settlement of the Americas - Europeans (FR, UK), Russians, Indians, most diverse - In Americas, the people (Indians, Siberians) followed their food (mammoths etc) a. migration from northeast Asia - Ice age, then more and more Indians migrate from east Asia - Eastward from Siberia to what is now Canada - Inuit, Apaches, etc - Isolated bands of Indians not exposed to disease, good for short term survival rate, but in the long run, more liable to be affected harshly by diseases later b. horticulture and expansion - lots of migration bc lots of mammals- camels, smaller animals than wooly mammoths - put pressure on animals, animals start to die out, so Indians spread out more - Indians can adapt to climate changes, start to expand horizons for agriculture, and finding new food (seafood), once they find food and can hunt in an area, do not need to be nomadic and follow - Population 12,000 years ago: about 1 million - Cultures did not come over together consciously, but used each other for trade networks, knew of each other (helped each other with agriculture- ex: corn) - Started to build up society with new things: food surplus so food storage, so now people do not always have to hunt, they can have a job and do other things c. civilizations of the ancient Americas - 1492: “year of contact” - By no means a single society, 300+ languages spoken, not isolated - Had civilization- agriculture, transportation, irrigation - Mississippi culture- 500 years before contact, had water, developed food and storage - Ohio R Valley culture- large structures or land mounds - Tenochtitlan- 1519, 200,000 people, in central Mexico- Aztecs? -
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History notes - 1. The New World, 14921607 I. First...

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