2 English Colonies - 2. The English Colonies: The...

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2. The English Colonies: The Chesapeake (South) I. The Virginia Colony a. reasons for settlement i. imperial politics - and Cheas - England first colonizes Ireland, conquered Ireland,obsessed with moving west - brutally) - English commander: “leading to his tent with human heads” - ii. domestic politics - Domestic England: social change, huge population boom in tiny England, 3.5 mil to 5 mil in a small amt of years, people not as tied as a national identity back then (bc people didn’t have many rights- not as likely to be proud of being from England when King sucks, etc) b. life in early Virginia - risky - Lord of trade = lord of wealth, overseas trade is how England becomes a powerful nation, 1. To plant Christian religion, 2. To traffic (trade), 3. To conquer all sort of one process to them, missionary work and conquering is the same - Fear taking over England: fear that Eng was collapsing, idea of moving West was a safety valve for poor people - 5% of all people were controlling most of the nation’s wealth - “Sturdy beggar” beggar who is not sick, disabled; they are healthy, simply lost land and had no job or wealth - Jamestown: 104 men women boys for colony of Jamestown in SE VA, one of most unsuccessful villages- diseases were
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2 English Colonies - 2. The English Colonies: The...

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