3 English Colonies II

3 English Colonies II - 3. The English Colonies: New...

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3. The English Colonies: New England I. New England - “the middling sorts”- not rich, middle class phrase not invented yet, far more religious than Chesapeake - Wanted to Purify the Protestant faith - Colder; so healthier, not as much disease - Liked to work hard (Puritans)- work ethic fits in well with capitalism - Both colonial areas sought economics and both were religious a. The English Puritans i. Puritan beliefs - Achieving salvation - The sturdy beggars, fear that everyone will be poor – you can prevent this if everyone’s working hard all the times ii. Puritan politics - Church of England at the time, attending it was required as law in England - Coe was also part of the state, opposing religion was also opposing the govt, made them uncomfortable, pissed of king of england as Puritans - Puritans say it was just for a religious matter coming to America, but it’s very closely tied with economics/govt/etc - Wanted to withdraw from COE and England itself - 1620s, 1630s: criminal offenses for being Puritan, people were tormented etc - New world: escape - Puritans hate Catholics (who think you can pray, ask forgiveness and get into Heaven) – want to leave this behind, want it to be predestined (etc) - Whore of Babylon- what puritans call the pope - Wanted to remain English, didn’t see themselves as changing nationality, rather worshipping in a different way - Puritans wanted to leave bc they thought God was going to smite all England and COE - Providence: care, control, Puritans really believe that they are always risking destruction by pissing off God (watch over each other, so careful not to act different) b. The Great Migration - 1630: led by John Winthrop - Go to Massachusetts, makes King nervous, what are they doing there? Why don’t they want to be here? o
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3 English Colonies II - 3. The English Colonies: New...

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