4 Empires - 4. Empires in North America I. Dominion of New...

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4. Empires in North America I. The Growing English Empire a. Colonial Politics - James II king of england, openly Catholic - Doesn’t like them having independent things; turns all northern colonies into a giant super-colony: “Dominion of New England” - Independence is the colonists own word; autonomy being taken away from them - James II says taxes can no longer fund New England Clergy - Sir Edmund Andros: governor, making himself richer, part of new england clergy, under magna carta rights people feel unfair, Sir EA says “you have left your rights in England” – making colonists fears more palpable b. The Politics of Monarchy i. The Glorious Revolution: People, mostly protestant (always), want to overthrow James II, england is openly catholic like france—getting along, people are upset, James’ nephew and son in law—one person: William, military leader of Netherlands, decides to split Eng from Fr, William overthrows James II, installs himself as king, british people don’t resist him ii. Too much money at state, for the british to not try to control it - Revolution’s Aftermath1689- rebels colonists take Andros, declare loyalty to english crown, and new king/queen- William, Mary—if colonists are making $$ they are happy; drop tax on sugar in West Indies- gestures toward colonies, never gave them democracy, these all favored the rich (dropping taxes on sugar planters-rich) c. War and Commerce - English military best, while Fr. Land - British crown expected colonies to fight for themselves—raise militias,
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4 Empires - 4. Empires in North America I. Dominion of New...

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