Dec 3 criticism

Dec 3 criticism - o 2 Get 40 of film upon first reading o 3...

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Dec. 3 Criticism Content of film o 1. Has to be responsible (liable to be called on to answer-creator: why make it; audience: why watch it?) gratuitous or dramatically motivated? “other” groups displayed in a complex way or unreal PC way moral? Audience ultimate judge of film’s responsibilityc o 2. “get more out of something” live in moment engage with film because it entertains, engages you taps a deeper part of yourself, film will stay with you longer o 3. Critical judgement makes you more discriminating/discerning better/smarter audience encourage better art o 4. Films alone don’t resonate but thinking/writing about them does union with movies Types of criticism o 1. Review-to buy or not, reporter o 2. Critic-eloquent, engages with all types of films, has standards, understands formal systems discrepancy between watching film and discussing it o 1. Film displayed with so much design/formalities impossible to completely describe visual medium with words
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Unformatted text preview: o 2. Get 40% of film upon first reading o 3. Technology-need knowledge of technology o 4. Movies exert such power spellbound in darkness inaccessible o no careful detailed analysis can guarantee complete understanding difference between critical judgement and personal taste o taste-I like/I hated o judgement-gives reason for what makes a good/bad movie critical suppositions o background o understanding of other disciplines because film is so new o knowledge of life o stay close to the text o trust instincts, gut reactions, honesty evaluative criteria o complexity o coherence-sucks you into a self-sufficient world o audacity, boldness-astonishes, plays against the custom o intensity of effect-instructs/inspires in addition to entertaining o personality-elements of individual mark, personal view humanity o no one sees same movie twice, monitor changes, movies=reflection...
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Dec 3 criticism - o 2 Get 40 of film upon first reading o 3...

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