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MEMORIZE SOUND Never silent films—even prior to 1927 o Piano (mood,atmosphere) o Orchestra o Barkers-approximate dialogue o People-made sound effects (coconuts) o Sound machines allefaxe (75 sounds) Components of soundtrack o Verbal Dialogue Offscreen voice A. narrator subjectively off screen objectified B. authorative voice—never seen Singing o Music Source-can see source on screen (eg radio) Underscoring/scoring-not heard by characters Original? Composite? Mélange of preexisting music? Music suitable? Length? Placement? o Sound effects/natural sound Any sound not verbal or music Ambient sound-added to create environment Natural sound-on set o Silence Not a negative quality, happens at most climactic times Use of sound o Synchronous sound-causal relationship between sound and image o Asynchronous sound-non causal, metaphors, voice over (avoid repetition of information) E.g. image: old ladies talking sound: chickens o Sound montages-impose sounds over each other to create meaning Sound-to-sound Compounding (sound of music)-sounds over and over each other to create scene Parallel (scarface bowling alley/gun shots)-sounds on top of each other to create a parallel and enfource other sounds Conflict (Dr Strangelove)-bombs exploding over love song —2 sounds create deeper meaning
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Sound-to-image Analgous/parallel (Jaws) Diametrical (singng in the rain talkie( juxtapostion of sound/images in odd way creates meaning o Sound mix/hierarchy Average number of sounds in given image (9-10) Dominant sounds vs. less dominant Sounds come in “sizes”-volume “angles”-pitch “color”texture-voices, objects “move”-singing from left-right of screen o use elements of sound to cut image dialogue-continues in two different places music-same song sound effects silence-silence all connect images o choreographed image/melodeclimation relating movement, beat pace, and timing to sound (Saturday nigh fever, atonement, singing in the rain) dialogue-pace, rhythym, beat to music-melo o sound reveals reality doesn’t record it if recorded every sound it would be ugly SELECTION and ORDER of sounds create art o Sound Intensifies image Interprets image-idealogical Directs attention to somewhere in frame (where sound is) Can be subject, source of a movie (citizen kane-rosebud) Helps understand setting/characterization Can be objective: hear strictly conversation or subjective: hear characters thought not heard by other characters Contributes to mood/atmosphere Metaphor/symbol (atonement-type writing, straw dogs-bagpipes) Motif-word/music repeated Overtures-setting, conflicts, characters all in opening credits o Lyrical interludes Stop plot/characterization—song occurs Butch Cassidy-bike ride scene Relates to mood of characters/times
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final MEMORIZE - MEMORIZE SOUND Never silent filmseven...

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