FINAL REVIEW - VI Overdeterminination a of determinants...

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FINAL REVIEW I. Sound a. Traditionally neglected b. 4 componenets of soundtrack c. 12 uses of sound d. 12 aesthetic effects e. how they can be put together for thematic elements II. Production Process a. Memorize definitions p 242-250 b. Identify what they do on set and what stage of the production process they belong III. Realism/Formalism a. Focus on dominant form b. Types p 197-205 IV. Genre a. Content (story, myth) + form (conventions) b. Tragedy (not viable), comedy, melodrama c. 3 main reasons for genre d. 4 implications of genre e. case study: caper i. myth: process of committing a crime ii. conventions: planning, execution, aftermath iii. iconographies: loot, jack hammer, vaults, etc f. is any genre better than another? V. Eras a. Classical b. Postclassical i. Extensive reasons for it c. Modernism i. 5 thematic elements ii. myth of modernism iii. formal strategies iv. relation to classical d. postmodern i. characteristics
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Unformatted text preview: VI. Overdeterminination a. # of determinants that compose film within cinema and within perception of it (gender, class, age) b. cinematic determinants i. aesthetic ii. business practices-changes in industry iii. film technology (color, widescreen) iv. censorship 1934-1962 v. production history vi. critical discourse (professional, critics, scholars) vii. popular reception (box office #s, how many are seeing it, how long did I play, word of mouth—e.g. bonnie and clyde/sound of music) c. extra cinematic i. culture ii. idealogical 1. star-political weight (john wayne American hero in western) VII. Criticism a. Reviews b. Critique-greater understanding of films c. Experience vs verbal forumulation d. Critical judgement/reasoning e. Evaluative criteria f. Critical suppositions...
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FINAL REVIEW - VI Overdeterminination a of determinants...

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