midterm FA perf

midterm FA perf - Joe-normal level like normal level...

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PERFORMANCE Dialogue-Voice, intonations, accent, pauses, volume, silence Action-posture Character-inflection/action, PROPERTIES OF PLAYER Entrance/exits Characters connection to culture Nonprofessional-look/sound art Actor-talent to emote, persona for many characters Star Star actor Pantomimic Realist Method Classical Improv Criteria for judging a performance o Expressive coherence Look/act like character theyre supposed to play o Ensemble-interaction, response o Relationship to set/props-does it fit o Consistence o Read several emotions at once, projections-Jodie Foster o Convey thought-show what theyre saying/doing o Beats-response to beats, on/ahead/behind beat o Casting-playing to or against type o Performance, rhythym-authentic, integrity o Did player affect you, make you want to go back to character/film? Sunset blvd- Norma-voice/intonations/accents/volume are all dramatic like shes knows shes in a movie
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Unformatted text preview: Joe-normal, level like normal, level, practical writer he is. .deep adding to film noir/drama as narrator Entrance-norma-all black, dark glasses—immediately begins bossing joe around and leading the way Exit-norma ready for my close up—themes Norma deeply connected to culture, actress Gloria swanson once silent film actress left retirement to play part Pantomimic Straw dogs-Dustin hoffman-doesn’t say much at first, tries not to react to violence/new things hes experiencing (fight in bar, being laughed at trying to drive car, finding dead cat) boils-refusing to say things, casual tone while throwing fruit at the cat shows his inner leanings toward violence and his attempt to disguise it...
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midterm FA perf - Joe-normal level like normal level...

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