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VISUAL DESIGN Costume-hairstyles/make up Décor-set, set dressing, prop Photography-lighting Color carried by hairstyle, lighting, décor Representational/abstract title/credit design Objective correlative Sunset boulevard- Costume- norma-dramatic costumes, long gowns, dramatic and inappropriate, high arched eyebrows (face always dramatic) Joe-first simple suit of a writer. .clothes get progressively nicer to show normas dominance/influence and when he tries to leave norma he requests only his old clothes Décor-norma house-symbol/motif of her old glamour now decayed (OBJECTIVE CORRELATIVE), cecil b. demilles Hollywood set adds to authenticity Lighting-noir, low key high contrast Title-sunset boulevard stenciled into side walk of street—seeped in real life Hollywood, immediately calls to mind setting in audiences mind Verdict Costume/decor-dull, realistic, neutral colors Low resolution-grainy adds to realism—not a pristine, perfect image in the same way the
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