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midterm film details - calogero Singin in the rain-Written...

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Sunset blvd- Written by: charles bracket and billy wilder Directed by: billy wilder Classic aspect ratio Starring: William holden-joe gillis, Gloria swanson-norma desmond Atonement- Written by: Christopher hamptom (based on Ian McEwans novel) Directed by: joe wright Starring-Keira Knightley-Cecilia Tallis, james mcavoy-robbie turner, saoirse ronan/romola garai-Briony Tallis The verdict- Written by: david mamet (novel by barry reed) Directed by: Sydney lumet Starring paul newman-frank galvin, charlotte rampling-laura fischer, jack warden-mickey morrisesey The leopard- Directed by: luchino visconti Starring-burt Lancaster-Don fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina, angelica, tancredi, don
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Unformatted text preview: calogero Singin in the rain-Written by: Adolph green and betty comden (suggested by song) Directed by: gene Kelly and Stanley donen Starring: gene Kelly-don lockwood, Debbie Reynolds-kathy selden, cosmo brown, lina lamont Straw dogs-Written by: david z. Goodman and sam peckinpah from novel the siege of trencher’s farm by Gordon m. Williams Directed by: sam peckinpah Starring: dustin hoffman-david sumner, susan george-amy sumner, henry niles, tom hidden, major scott, Charlie venner, Janice-performance a pacifist unaware of his feelings and potential for violence that were the very same feelings he abhorred in society...
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