Nov 5 Post Classical Genre

Nov 5 Post Classical Genre - Added things to fit time(sex...

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Nov 5 Post Classical Genre Relationship between genre and style o Genres lend themselves better to one style Eg scifi formalist style Reasons for break up of genres of this time o Culture WWII-transition of every aspect of life Film is cultural product (as is genre) 1895-1929 influenced by Victorian era o film in competition with TV (showed old movies), photographs, ad the new recordings/sports o stress on technology (new and refined) eg color large screens stereophonic sound o censorship weakening sex, violence, vulgarity, crime (caper) o cookie cutter studio independent production studio financing, not making films made more $$ fresh, hand crafted, personalized, and enriched forumulas o call for foreign films didn’t fit easily into American genres Ways/Transitions/Experimentations in Genre o Topical accommodation Male melo drama crystallizes—post WWII crisis in family/men, loss of sense of male bonding (caper)
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Unformatted text preview: Added things to fit time (sex in romantic comedies) o Departure/modernization Departing from myths, conventions, and iconographies to display whats going on in the time o Hybrid genre Adding genres together o Use of genre as a vehicle to express social consciousness/statement High noon Bonnie and clyde o Parody Makes fun of a genre with its own myths, iconographies, and conventions Also embraces them Mel Brooks o Nostalga Recreate a film of a past period Doesn’t speak to people/lacks spirit Just gives warm feeling/simpler time o Remyth Critique myths/icons/etc of genre but in end embrace them • Peckinpah-wild bunch o Demyth Remove myths/conventions/iconography They don’t work China town • Detective thriller usually chaos-order • This one chaos-more chaos Questions and destroys...
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Nov 5 Post Classical Genre - Added things to fit time(sex...

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