Nov 19 post modernism

Nov 19 post modernism - o Constructed subject, sliding...

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Nov. 19 Post Modernism Historical context, mid 70s, 80s, 90s Late consumer capitalism Correlates to emergence of new formal features in culture/representations of culture New social life, moral order, values Aesthetic sensibility o Reaction to modernism o Uses modernism in defining itself Extension Highlights o No respect for integrity/honesty/reality o New spin on reality o Use of technology to make $$, propel commerce o Dichotomy between high culture/low culture collapsed into a product (pop culture) o Not product of individual imaginations but large corporations o Pastiche-imitation of formal strategy, content, or myth—calling feeling new work is like old, blank parody o Meant to recall earlier works o Replacing feeling with sensation o Acknowledges intertextuality o Nostalgia “nomus alegia--home sickness”, go back in setting, conventions, styles, recirculate past in terms of images o Post modern auteurs-bank job o No new worlds, loss of individualism
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Unformatted text preview: o Constructed subject, sliding signifiers preference for copy and reflexivity superficial o Cynicism, hip attitude o Schizophrenic experience-disunified, reality/unreality, no log/linear, hybrid genres o Heterogeneity-other unbalance LIST IN DISCSSION characteristics o 1. Tenuous hold on reality-reality isnt important o 2. Erasure of distinction between high/low culture pop o 3. Pastiche o 4. Nostalgia o 5. Representations of representations o 6. Loss of feeling/depth o 7. Heterogeneity (not unity) o 8. hip or cynical attitude o 9. Schizophrenic experience o see capitialism play out Fargo 1. true story 2. heavy themes-black comedy-midwest, reputable directors, comedy (high-low) 3. pastiche-new spin on detective thriller 4. dont feel bad, dont care its not true, violent black comedy 5. heterogeneity-marge and old friend 6. black comedy-pregnant detective 7. shizo?...
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Nov 19 post modernism - o Constructed subject, sliding...

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