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nov 26 jordan - CTCS 190 Film as Overdetermined Art...

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CTCS 190- Film as “Overdetermined”  Art Form/Medium 27/11/2008 01:43:00 A.  Overdetermination and the Film Text B.  Cinematic Influences 1. Aesthetics o Literary design: story, plot, characters, etc. o Performance o Visual Design o Composition o Editing o Genre o Style: Realism vs. Formalism “House” style Producing style o Period : Ice Station Zebra = reactionary revolutionary Hollywood (1963- 1976) o Movement o Star/Star System o Narrative Systems 2. Business practices of the industry o Conglomerant feel o Production o Distribution o Exhibition o MGM on the financial decline 3. Film technology o Systems of color Technicolor
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o Stereophonic sound o 70mm film 4. Censorship and prior restraints o Censorship ended in 1968 for the rating system o Many of the best films had censorship problems 5. Production history o Pre-production, production, post-production, etc.
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