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paper 1 RD - the extreme always seems to make an impression...

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“the extreme always seems to make an impression” JD themes: POWER struggle/control vs CHAOS , LACK OF COMPASSION and SUPERFICIALITY , DEATH -heaven vs hell, DREAM vs nightmare, COLOR AS CHARACTERIZATION Introduction scene Title over action pony tail== o reoccurring motif, o emphasis on beauty, SUPERFICIALITY , image o first shot red pony tail, red nail polish, red watch POWER/ SUPERFICIALITY next shot 3 heathers sitting in a garden with white statues—camera pans around them like theyre a work of art to be examined as well—lacking human depth camera continues to follow them from behind trees— OUTSIDER looking in (veronica) POWER/ SUPERFICIALITY Costume/ COLOR correlation that pervades film contrasts with white lawn furniture/statues to emphasize it COLOR AS CHARACTERIZATION Croquet set/props=game playing o Heather 1 game unforgiving, POWER ful, cruel o Heather 2 game strong but overshadowed by heather 1 o Heather 3 weak o Veronica selfless SUPERFICIALITY —GAME PLAYING Introduction of protagonist in grass being hit by croquet balls—gripping visual image—cruelity of heathers, LACK OF COMPASSION , need for POWER LACK OF COMPASSION , POWER First cafeteria scene Introduction of all major characters/ CHARACTERIZATION through visual design Composition of 2 heathers and veronica as they enter cafeteria asserts theyre dominance take up whole frame in POWER ful vertical lines
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paper 1 RD - the extreme always seems to make an impression...

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