paper 2 - Both Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Cry Baby...

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Both Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Cry Baby (1990) display characteristics typical of the Coming of Age genre. However , Rebel Without a Cause , with its complex and psychological themes, realist visual style and performance, and challenges to the Production Code illustrates Hollywood’s Postclassical desire to combat television with the crystallization of a new, controversial and youth driven genre. Conversely, Cry Baby corrupts the same genre through its sexual and perverse themes, its exaggerated visual style and performances, its hybrid with the musical. Through these elements and with its self-reflexive dialogue, Cry Baby effectively creates a parody of Coming of Age films such as Rebel Without a Cause . In doing so, the film reveals the Postmodernist penchant for nostalgia and representations of representations and serves as the homosexual director John Waters’ critique of the close-minded American society. I. iconographies/conventions/myths a. With its stock company of switchblade carrying juvenile delinquents, "chickie runs," rumbles, and "tragic romanticism" (White 10), the teen genre has been called, variously, "coarse and unreflective" (White 10), "a shitstorm of Boy Movies" (White 15), reflections of teenagers' own "very shallow, very limited sense of emotional and social reality" (Rapping 16), films about "the blank generation" (Smith 70), and of the Canadian genre , an exercise in "suffocating dramatic sobriety" (Pevere 45). PAPER 2 GENRE REBEL b. troubled teenager is one of the "crucial tropes" PAPER 2 GENRE REBEl c. REBEL i. ICONS “even stars can become iconographic” 320 james dean FILM ART ii. iii. jim/judy/”wheels” smoke cigarettes iv. large car of rambunctious teenagers v. high school setting vi. 1 st shot of “wheels” from waist down vii. rolled up jeans viii. dark boots ix. leather jackets, chains, combs, greased back hair loud cars x. infamous red jacket xi. CONVENTIONS xii. Outsiders standing out xiii. Parents, cops, authority figures in beige or dark clothes—judy and jim in bright red xiv. close up shot of jim, judy, plato with tears streaming down their faces xv. Emotional protagonist xvi. First scene jim curling up on ground clutching monkey toy like
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a child, drunk and crying xvii. Explosive outbursts 1. Judy a. HE HATES ME b. HE CALLED ME A DIRTY TRAMP. .MY OWN FATHER xviii. Jim 1. I’LL NEVER BE CLOSE TO ANYBODY 2. YOU’RE TEARING ME APART 3. STAND UP 4. YOU’RE NOT LISTENING xix. Plato 1. YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER 2. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME? xx.
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paper 2 - Both Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Cry Baby...

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