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Relevant terms/definitions from Week 10 Classical lecture Genre-distinct type in which a great number of specific kinds of artwork are grouped o Determined by essential characteristics o Lumped together based on myths, conventions, iconographies Myths-story, ideologies Conventions-e.g. using song and dance in musical, gas light lingo in gangster films Iconography-series of sights and sounds that repeat themselves in film and from film to film 3 leading genres-tragedy, comedy, melodrama genre applications o sunset blvd-detective thriller o atonement-romance melodrama o the verdict-male melodrama o leopard-family melodrama o singing in the rain-musical o straw dogs-family melodrama/male melodrama o fargo-mystery/black comedy o clash by night/loving-family melodrama o lady eve-romantic comedy conditions/causes for genre, formula
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Unformatted text preview: o financial-provided selling points, insurance, means to advertise o aesthetic-quality depends on repeptition o global sensibility-less sophistication, want clarity and directness implications of genre o familiar aspect o “sugar coat the pill” familiar aspects, pro social elements, and leveling of tension allows director to question/instill ideals without driving audience away o cultural emblem recognize myths, icons, conventions in multiple films over span of time—gives it gravity, importance because they endure o rituals caper o subgenre of thriller o elaborate description of crime o organization/explanation; demonstration (rehearse plan); caper (actual crime, obstacles, fate vs. logic, aftermath)...
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