BCOR 3010 Midterm (Fall 07) (1)

BCOR 3010 Midterm (Fall 07) (1) - University of Colorado...

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University of Colorado Leeds School of Business BCOR3010: Business Applications of Social Responsibility Fall 2007 Midterm Examination Our Oath…… By my signature below, I pledge that the answers contained in this examination are solely my own. I will neither offer nor receive, and have not offered or received, any unauthorized assistance in the completion of this examination. _______________________________ _______________ Signature Date Directions: The following examination consists of 15 questions in four parts. Please answer every question in all parts in the space provided only . Please write legibly! Part One questions are worth 10 points each, Part Two questions are worth 8 points each, Part Three questions are worth 7 points each, and Part Four questions are worth 5 points each. Please print your name, identification number, section number, and instructor on this page. Then, print your identification number, instructor, and section number only on the next page. This top page will be detached
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This note was uploaded on 03/04/2009 for the course BCOR 2010 taught by Professor Keith during the Fall '09 term at Colorado.

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BCOR 3010 Midterm (Fall 07) (1) - University of Colorado...

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