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MGMT 4070 Intro Study Guide

MGMT 4070 Intro Study Guide - NOTES 12 Jan 2008...

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NOTES 12 Jan 2008 International Operations: Introduction A. General Electric (GE) is a Multinational Corporation: An MNC. Whenever you are asked to name one of the world’s largest MNC’s the answer is… GE. B. When working Internationally the following 4 themes should be considered: 1. Inclusiveness: Decisions; especially ones involving folks from around the worlds should be collaborative in nature. 2. Communication: Written communication is critical when working abroad especially across world time zones. E-mails should be reviewed for content, tone and appropriateness before being sent. 3. Relationships: Taking time to get to know your international colleagues on a personal level you can be provided the benefit of the doubt if you fail in the appropriateness of your written communication. The inverse is also true, you’ll give the benefits of the doubt to your counterpart if they say/write something inappropriate if the relationship is established. 4. Process Control: Establishing a process allows you to insure the output of
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