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SYST 4080 Project Scope - Project Scope Introduction...

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Project Scope Introduction: Project scope is created during the initiation phase and is part of the project charter (see project charter frame). The project scope is simply what must be done (in-scope) and what will not be done (out-of-scope) to accomplish the project objectives. Since you have already defined these objectives in measurable terms (see measurable objectives frame), it should be relatively straightforward to identify what is included in the scope (in-scope) and what isn’t (out-of-scope). In-scope is anything we will have to perform to address the problem or opportunity we are working on during the project. Out-of-scope is anything that is either not related to what we are working on or which is related, but not necessary to complete to achieve our project objectives. Although it would be nice to be able to work on every aspect of the project, this is not realistic. All projects have limited time and resources (money, people, and equipment) in which they must be completed. By limiting our scope, we can make sure to focus on those things that must be done to achieve our project objectives in a reasonable period of time for a reasonable amount of resources. These out-of-scope items can be reassessed and done during future projects if it makes sense to do so. How is it created? In order to begin determining what is in and out-of-scope, make a list of everything that you think must be done to achieve the project’s objectives.
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Our project objectives as of February 23 rd , 2XXX: Provide a way for customers to self-register for center facilities. Expand the hours where customers can make reservations to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Implement the new registration system by October 1, 2XXX, in time for the busy fall season. Reduce clerical costs by 20% per year. Improve center utilization to 65% during off-peak times (off-peak is Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM and all day Saturday and Sundays). Based upon these objectives, we brainstorm with our team in
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SYST 4080 Project Scope - Project Scope Introduction...

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