SYST 4080 Measurable Objectives

SYST 4080 Measurable Objectives - Measurable Objectives...

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Measurable Objectives Introduction: A good way for an organization to know if a project has been successful is by painting a picture of what the project will produce at its conclusion. “If you don’t have a clear destination in mind, any old path will do.” (Source unknown) Defining measurable objectives is a great way to paint a picture of the project’s destination. These objectives are part of the project charter (see project charter frame) and are listed right after the project purpose. You may have thought that the purpose statement will do this for your project; although it provides important information regarding the project’s purpose, it does not provide a way to measure if you have accomplished your purpose at the end of the project. The only way the organization will know if the project has been completed successfully is if you have established measurable objectives up front, which define how well you have solved the problem or seized the opportunity that made you undertake the project in the first place. As Peter Drucker puts it, “What gets measured gets done.” By describing the purpose and objectives in business terms, you make clear what the stakeholders can and cannot expect of the project. How are Measurable Objectives Created? Developing measurable objectives which link your project objectives to the overall business problems and/or opportunities is critical to making sure your project gets the resources it needs to be successful. Otherwise
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management probably won’t understand the value your project is providing to the organization and other projects may get their attention. Remember what our organization’s problems are from the
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SYST 4080 Measurable Objectives - Measurable Objectives...

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