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Final Exam Great Works Project

Final Exam Great Works Project - 1 Be typed 2 Be in MLA...

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English 150 Honors Section 7 Final Exam Great Works Project Graduation with honors includes a Great Works requirement: students are to encounter a variety of spectacular human achievements and write response papers on several of these. The culminating project for this class (your final) is to complete 3 of these response papers, following the guidelines given by the Honors Department. Because this course focuses on globalization, your chosen great works should be related to globalization in some way (for example, you may watch a foreign film or attend a performance of international dances). Requirements You must approve your chosen great work with me before you write the response paper (you may do this verbally or through email). Your response paper should
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Be typed 2. Be in MLA format 3. Match the Honors Department format as described on Blackboard 4. Include a brief cover letter (about 2 paragraphs) in which you reflect on your writing experience and describe how the great work relates to globalization and this class You may turn in your response papers at any time during the semester . . . the earlier the better. You are welcome to revise your paper according to my suggestions to earn a better grade and to improve your Honors portfolio. All papers and revisions are due by the final exam date. You are only required to turn in three response papers for this class, but if you would like my feedback on other response papers, you are welcome to turn in as many as you like....
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