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OE intro draft2 - Piroska Szvoboda Sister Cutler English...

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Piroska Szvoboda Sister Cutler English 150 H Sec 7 2 nd February, 2009 Use the Resources YOU PAID for it!!! As BYU is a competitive university, most students who get into BYU have been in the top 5% in their high school classes. For many this meant that they never had to ask other people for help, because “they just got it”*. The transaction from high school to college is often underestimated by freshmen. Often they believe just going to the lesson is enough to get good grades just like back in high school, but then the shocker of the low test scores comes. Most people here are not getting A’s in all their classes which shows room for improvement. You need to step down and realize that you can do better with the help of other people, such as TA’s and other tutors. From personal experience I have found that, teaching assistants are mostly friendly and are happy to help you whenever you have trouble understanding the course material or if you are not sure how to do your homework right. Professors are most likely to choose their TA’s carefully. It is not so smart to just visit them just before exams, because that is the same time everyone else does, and then they have a lot less time to give individuals feedback or help with something. It is not realistic that we visit the TA’s once and then know how to do everything
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This note was uploaded on 03/04/2009 for the course ENGL 150 taught by Professor Dinger during the Winter '08 term at BYU.

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OE intro draft2 - Piroska Szvoboda Sister Cutler English...

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