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Piroska Szvoboda Sister Cutler English 150 H Sec 7 2 nd February, 2009 Reflection on writing process As this is my first semester, I have found it at first difficult to find and choose a topic to discuss on issues at the BYU campus. I have also felt that I have not done enough research before I started my first draft. I have done the research while I was writing the paper. This resulted in having to make many significant changes to the paper after the first and second draft.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe that I have chosen a valuable topic that has -or should have- impact on all the students attending Brigham Young University. Probably every Student strives to get good grades at college but not all of them know how. In my opinion editorial I have highlighted different resources that are available for students on campus which are for free, and which guide students towards academic and future success....
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