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Sister Cutler English 150 H Sec 7 17 th February, 2009 One word analysis from ’The Global Monoculture’ by Maude Barlow In the journal article called ‘The Global Monoculture’, Barlow tries to convince people that the fading of different cultures is one of the most serious social problems in most societies today. This idea is over dramatized with words such as ‘slavishly’. “Zhang Hui Jun of the prestigious Beijing Film Academy fears that the US invasion will induce Chinese producers to slavishly follow, Hollywood’s formulas at the expense innovative Chinese producers.” The word ‘slavishly’ in this journal article is referred to as; the small companies which are ruled over by the large, multibillion companies. In order for the small companies to prevent extinction, they have to follow patterns of the larger companies, which in this case is Hollywood, ruling
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Unformatted text preview: over Chinese producers. By choosing the word ‘slavishly’, the reader emphasizes with the small companies as they sound like they have no control over their actions and are being punished for no reason. This was obviously the writers intent as the word ‘slavishly’ was not needed to make the sentence complete. By using this word, the writer shows a small understanding of slavery and therefore loses her ethos towards readers who probably have a better understanding. Slavery was a serious social issue, as people have been treated like or even worse than dogs. Small movie companies might go through real difficulties, but to use the word; “slavishly” is overrated. Word Count: 237 words...
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