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punctuation 1 - 5. Give us any tips you can--mnemonics,...

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On Wednesday, you will be briefly presenting on a portion of the Punctuation Packet (found on Blackboard). Here's how the presentations will go 1. Both of you should contribute 2. Plan on about 5-7 minutes each 3. Briefly teach the class the principle (even if you're a grammar whiz, don't assume everyone else knows it all, too) 4. Show at least 1 good and 1 bad example (you can use the examples in the packet if you want; if you can find real live ones that's even better)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Give us any tips you can--mnemonics, analogies, visual aides, etc.--to help us remember Look in the Punctuation Packet. You can also find more information in the Penguin Handbook. Piri & Ike: Separating Marks (period, exclamation point, question mark, comma) and Enclosing Marks (including the section in lines about where the punctuation marks go when they're with quotation marks)...
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