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Piroska Szvoboda Sister Cutler English 150 H Sec 7 27 th February, 2009 Rhetorical analysis Of ’The Global Monoculture’ by Maude Barlow In the Article, ’The Global Monoculture’ , Maude Barlow informs people how different cultures and languages start to diminish and to merge with other cultures. She especially blames North American culture for the “distraction of local tradition”. Barlow also highlights the circumstances in which small local companies are, as they are being “whiped out”, by “aggressive” and large companies, which thirst for “distraction”. Barlow uses sophisticated diction and structure which builds up the ethical appeal towards her, but as with the overuse of overdramatized emotional appeals this ethical appeal is reduced. Maude Barlow uses sophisticated diction to build up her ethical appeals towards her readers. The choice of vocabulary used by the writer is sophisticated. Examples are words such as “homogenization”, “artisanship”, “eroding” and “indigenous”. With such words the writer proves to the reader that her opinion can be valued as she is not any writer, but a well educated writer. The more educated the writer is the more likely it is that the audience will accept the claim the writer is making. This is because people in our society, today, value higher educational people’s opinions as more valid as people of a less educated class. The structure of the paper is also very clever. The writer starts out with informing the reader with logical appeals, through informing the reader of different facts. Some of the facts she gives are that “Artisans” are being “whipped out by global fashions” or that half of the worlds
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RA rough draft - Piroska Szvoboda Sister Cutler English 150...

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