Wolchik - Ukraine • 1994-2004: stop & go reforms...

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Unformatted text preview: Ukraine • 1994-2004: stop & go reforms w/increasingly corrupt undemocratic actions of Kuchma protest fraudulent elections in 2004 [ Orange Revolution ] new period of Reform w/Yushchenko as president • Opened questions of possibility that Ukraine would join European/Euro-Atlantic institutions • Problems: consolidating democracy and creating prosperous market economy Procommunist and Communist Ukraine • In 1900’s: divided into 3 states • 1917-1920: tried to create independent state, but failed • 1918: declared independence from Russia and united w/western Ukraine; Bolsheviks and Poles fought against independent Ukraine • 1920-1921: Ukrainian lands divided between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary • 1921: territory enlarged, regained some territories back; Russia first to united Ukrainian territories into one state • Under Soviet rule, non-Russian republics =homelands for non-Russians=allowed great deal of autonomy in return of keeping nationalism in check; Russification took place • 1920s: Soviet policies of indigenization supported Ukrainization of Ukrainian life; included migration of peasants to growing urban centers • Stalin feared indigenization would lead to political demands destroyed Orthodox Church, created widespread purges, executed Ukrainian nationalists/communists, Russification took over o Created artificial famine, private farms decimated o Ukranians moved into centers that were empty b/c of Jewish genocide • Soviet policies played eastern Ukr against western Ukr “bourgeois nationalist” counterparts • Eastern Ukrainians did not see Soviet power as imported • Western Ukrainians saw Soviet as important, foreign and Russian End of Soviet Rule and Ukrainian Independence...
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This note was uploaded on 03/04/2009 for the course PSC 131 taught by Professor Wolchik during the Spring '07 term at GWU.

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Wolchik - Ukraine • 1994-2004: stop & go reforms...

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