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film viewing guide - she realize how much her home means to...

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Culture Thru Film Spring 2009 Aids for viewing and critically reading film The films shown in this course all have multiple layers of meaning.  It is important for  you to take notes during the screenings.  It will be helpful for your understanding of the  films and their importance to this course if you take notes on plot, characters, the  cinematography, editing and sound; as well as any observations or questions you may  have while watching the films.  Meaning   ( Wizard of Oz  as example) Referential Meaning  (plot summary) – refers to the world of experience  (Kansas vs. Oz) "In the Depression, a cyclone takes a girl from her family's farm in Kansas to a  mythical land of Oz.  After a series of adventures she returns home." Explicit Meaning  (point of the film) – ("there's no place like home") "A girl dreams of leaving home to escape her troubles.  Only after she leaves does 
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Unformatted text preview: she realize how much her home means to her." Implicit Meaning (themes) – (courage, journey of self-discovery, power of love, importance of family) "An adolescent girl who must soon face the adult world yearns for a return to the simple world of childhood, but she eventually accepts the demands of adulthood" Symptomatic Meaning (ideology) – treats the implicit and explicit meanings of the film as manifestations of a wider set of values characteristic of a whole society. "In a society where human worth is measured in money, home and family may seem to be the last refuge of human values. This belief is especially seen in times of economic crisis, such as that of the depression era of the United States in the 1930s."...
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