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Chapter 7 Key Terms - Key terms age set Group uniting all...

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Key terms age set    Group uniting all men or women (usually men) born during a certain time span; this group  controls property and often has political and military functions. big man    Figure often found among tribal horticulturalists and pastoralists. The big man occupies no  office but creates his reputation through entrepreneurship and generosity to others. Neither his  wealth nor his position passes to his heirs. chiefdom    Form of sociopolitical organization intermediate between the tribe and the state; kin-based with  differential access to resources and a permanent political structure. differential access    Unequal access to resources; basic attribute of chiefdoms and states. Superordinates have  favored access to such resources, while the access of subordinates is limited by  superordinates.
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  • Spring '08
  • certain time span, big man, Sociopolitical Organization, permanent political structure, Permanent political position, pastoralism. Socioeconomic  stratification

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