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control room - adopts Give examples from the film to...

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Cult Thru Film Spring 2009 Control Room Jehane Noujaim, Director 2004, 84 m. Background In 2004 a number of polemical documentary films were made, especially geared on  growing geopolitical turmoil in the wake of the American invasion of Iraq and in  anticipation of the November presidential elections in the United States.  Control Room  is an intriguing film for a number of reasons.  First off, it provides an inside look at news  coverage/production of the American invasion of Iraq.  This is made more significant  since the viewpoint of  Control Room  comes primarily from an Arabic perspective on  world events – a perspective that remains mostly unfamiliar to American citizens. Discussion Questions 1. How would you describe the voice and mode of documentary that the film 
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Unformatted text preview: adopts? Give examples from the film to support your characterization of the film. 2. What aspects of news coverage/production processes shown in the film are particularly insightful to your knowledge of how news is made? 3. Since we can regard documentary (and news production) as a process of “narrativizing the real” what examples from the film best illustrate this? 4. Draw from your familiarity with American news coverage of the war in Iraq and compare how this is done to how the film covers this event. What similarities and differences are most apparent to you in terms of style, focus, depth, etc. of coverage?...
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