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killing us-tough guise

killing us-tough guise - Culture Through Film Spring 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Culture Through Film Spring 2009 Killing Us Softly 3 Written and Presented by Jean Kilbourne, Producer, Sut Jhally, 2000, 34 mins. Kilbourne provides an analysis of the representation of women in advertising to illustrate the demanding roles put on women and girls to try and live up to the idyllic images of femininity. As well, for both men and women, these images construct women and girls in a manner that has far reaching effects on all of society, and how we "view" women. Discussion Questions 1) Kilbourne says that there is nothing wrong with sex in itself, but in how it is continually used to construct an ideal image of womanhood. What does she mean by this? 2) What is meant by the "fragmentation" of women's bodies in advertising? How does this represent women and what are its effects?...
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