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Sequence of Tenses - were(in the past-Quīntus rogāvit ubi...

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SEQUENCE OF TENSES: If Main Verb (Indicative) is… To show action… Use: Present Future (Future Perfect) Same time/after 1. Present Subjunctive Before 2. Perfect Subjunctive --------------------- DO NOT CROSS!!! ---------------------- Imperfect Perfect Pluperfect Same time/after 3. Imperfect Subjunctive Before 4. Pluperfect Subjunctive EXEMPLA: Quīntus rogat ubi parentēs sint. Quintus asks (now) where his parents are (now). Quīntus rogat ubi parentēs fuerint. Quintus asks (now) where his parents
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Unformatted text preview: were (in the past).---Quīntus rogāvit ubi parentēs essent. Quintus asked where his parents were (at the same time). Quīntus rogāvit ubi parentēs fuissent. Quintus asked where his parents had been (at an earlier time). Thomnēstus Quīntum rogat quid passus sit. Theomnēstun Quīntum rogāvit quid passus esset Quīntus senem rogat num parentēs suōs vīderit. Quīntus senem rogāvit num parentēs suos vīdisset....
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