06 Prisoner's Dilemma

06 Prisoner's Dilemma - The Prisoner’s Dilemma The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Prisoner’s Dilemma The Prisoner’s Dilemma Announcements Announcements Introduction to Module 2 – – – Theories of World Politics This Week: Realist Theory Today: Why Everything You Need to Know about World Politics Was Already Understood By Thucydides 2500 Years Ago Turn In Your Essay Clickers: Be Sure to Bring Batteries The Peloponnesian War, 454 The Peloponnesian War, 454 BC Athens: sea power Sparta: land power Corinth: allied with Sparta Corcyra: nonaligned Epidamus: former Corcyran colony Melos: tiny island state What caused the war? “What made the war inevitable was the rising power of Athens and the fear this caused in Sparta.” ­ Thucydides The Logic of Anarchy The Logic of Anarchy SELF­HELP: “In an anarchical environment, states cannot assume other states will come to their defense even if they are allies.” “Any attempt a state makes to increase its own security will actually decrease its security.” SECURITY DILEMMA Preferences S: 2 1 4 3 A: 3 1 4 2 Stay Put Stay Put 1 Peace Status Quo 2 Sparta Less Vulnerable; Likely to Win If War Comes More Leverage If Not Sparta Build Up Athens Build Up 3 Athens Less Vulnerable; Likely to Win if War Comes More Leverage If Not 4 Increased Tension War Likely Preferences Rocko: D,C: 0 yrs C,C: 2 yrs D,D: 5 yrs C,D: 10 yrs Ice: D,C: 0 yrs C,C: 2 yrs D,D: 5 yrs C,D: 10 yrs Prisoner’s Dilemma Rocko Keep Mum 1 Rocko: 2 years Ice: 2 Years 2 Rocko = 0 years Ice = 10 Years Squeal Keep Mum Ice Cube Squeal 3 Rocko = 10 Years Ice =0 Years 4 Rocko: 5 years Ice Cube: 5 Years Prisoner’s Dilemma Game Prisoner’s Dilemma Game Find a partner. Do NOT communicate your intentions to your partner. When I call for a decision, write down whether you will “cooperate” or “defect” on the chart. Compare your decision with your partner’s and check your score. Mark down your sentence and switch partners. How Many Years in Jail How Many Years in Jail Did You Get? A) More than 30 B) More than 20 C) More than 10 D) 10 or Fewer But what about morality? “The strong do what they have the power to do and the weak accept what they have to accept.” ­ Thucydides RECAP RECAP International Politics is a Self­Help System First Goal of all States: Security Relative Power is All That Matters Justice and Morality Don’t Matter No Such Thing as a Defensive Weapon “Might may not make right, but it sure makes what is.” – Edward Abbey ...
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