Lecture # 10 missing; lecture #11

Lecture # 10 missing; lecture #11 - -beckett and the...

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-beckett and the literature of exhaustion -godot and nothingness -joyce and beckett -beckett’s art as an art of subtraction Reading for the next two weeks/brief introduction of the play: Special scorn for critics Pg.85: Morpio. . sewr-rat…. . curat…. Cretin… critic Intellectuality is in ruins Play “there is nothing to express… nothing which with to express…. No desire to express. An obligation to express” Came to quick realization that he can not teach what he cannot understand. Remark that godot is a play in which nothing happens twice -pg 4, pg 40 pg 76 pg 2 Nothing to be done Nothing to show Nothing happens Really insignificant -this is self repremandment; exhausting repetition OPEN ENDED -we too have no where to go. . we too are waiting for godot. -they begin by coming back to each other; they always try to get away from eachother … but come back to each other. Risked his life documenting his existence. He had autistic revelation in Ireland. Joyce expressed all that can be expressed in the day or night. I realize that my own way was in impoverishment; in subtracting rather than depositing.
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Lecture # 10 missing; lecture #11 - -beckett and the...

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