lecture #5; #4 written

lecture #5; #4 written - Themes: -Analysis of the crucial...

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Themes: -Analysis of the crucial significance of the “echo” in Passage -What reverberations the echo in the Marabar caves sets off and why -What both Mrs. Moore and miss quested learn on the trip to the caves -return to the theme of lying and dying -the relation between history and fiction in passage -the question of the animal-human distinction in “passage” -A new Kurtz in India ____________________________________________ -Marabar caves are forced as ficition. But they’re based upon the real baraba caves. Used by buddahist. Forster visited the site and drew upon them for the book. -General view of cave. -Enterace to Barabar Hills, Bihar _________________________________ Echo like the ghost always comes back. What does an echo do? -it repeats with a difference; repetition is the same but also distorted. -returns and returns the same but is always different. Pg 43 “She strove in vain agains the echoing walls of their civility” -colonial mimickry -devised to a performance that bounces back a signal that she sends out. -echo and mimickry; mechanisms of protection and defense. Pg 163 “FOR NOT ONLY DID THE CRUSH AND STENCH ALARM HER; THERES WAS ALSO A TERRIFYING ECHO” “THERE ARE SOME EXQUISTITE ECHOS…. . BOUM UTTERLY DULL”
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What about the echo is so disturbing Pg 165 “ the echo began in some indescrible… to undermine her hold on life”…. Mrs. Moore Encounter infinity and vastness; to transcend death; encounters the reberberation of death; brute materiality of the universe; empty echo where she thinks God should be. Pg 166 “then she was terrified over an area larger than usual; the universe, never comprehensible to her intellect, offered no repose to her soul, the mood of the last two months took definite form…. . didn’t want to
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lecture #5; #4 written - Themes: -Analysis of the crucial...

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