lecture #6 1-22-09

lecture #6 1-22-09 - THEMES The question of the mystery or...

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THEMES: The question of the mystery or the muddle in pti. Are these two terms for the same thing or is there a distinction? How does the mystery or the muddle relaate to the theme of misunderstanding? Further comparisons between hod and pti. Dark fantasies of sadism commingled with racism. MORE THEMES: -The Figuring of trauma as echo in pti -Some remarks on the theme of hospitality -More thoughts on the human-animal distinction in pti -The return of the dead or ways in which the dead do indeed live again. -Orientalism and anti-semitism. Pg 73: “I like mysteries but I rather dislike muddles, ….a mystery is only a high sounding term for a muddle. No advantage in stirring it up, in either case. Aziz and I know well that India’s a muddle.” Muddle is a complication a mix up of different factor Mystery is something more enduring; something that can be unraleved if it can even be solved at all. Fielding says: Political: Place things in close examination and all will be resolved “the mere fact of examination caused I to disminish”pg 91 The irony. Misunderstanding/mistake: Misunderstanding linked to issue of race: Pg 70 “in every remark he found a meaning, but not always the true meaning…why they speak English but to azia the two sounded alike. Fielding meant post impressionism is complex Aziz thought it was b/c of his race. What happended to mrs. Fielding in the cave? Misunderstanding, mistake, muddle ?
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Pti vs hod Pg 253. .”the fatal day recurred in every detail…. And this double relation gave it indescribable splendor” Ecstasies: she’s in a moment of time. . out of time Ecstasies allowed her to see her mistake (HOD)”DID HE LIVE HIS LIFE AGAIN IN EVERY DETAIL…. A cry that was no more than one breath”
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lecture #6 1-22-09 - THEMES The question of the mystery or...

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